Course Copy - Original into Ultra (How-To)

This article discusses how to copy (push) a Learn Original course into a Learn Ultra course.  After the copy, there will be a fair amount of clean-up/reorganization that needs to take place.  There are some items that will not copy over from Original into Ultra. More details are provided below.  In addition, lengthy folder titles will not copy over.  Ultra folder descriptions are limited to 255 characters.  If you have a lengthy folder description, you can manually copy the text from the original course and paste it into a Document in Ultra. 

Tips Before You Begin

  • TIP: You may find it helpful to turn on course icons in your original course so you know which type of items are contained in your original course and how they will behave when copied.  Learn how to turn on course icons.
  • TIP: As an alternative to copying your course, you can also go into your blank Ultra course and rebuild it by manually copying and pasting select items from your original course.  
  • TIP: If your original course uses a third-party LTI tool such as Cengage, MyBusinessCourse, etc., you should NOT copy your Original course into Ultra.  The links do not copy over (they need to be recreated) and problems may arise in the Gradebook if you copy your Original course into Ultra.


Course Copy

   To copy entire course from Original into Ultra:
  1. Open the Original course you want to copy.
  2. From the left-hand Course Management menu, scroll down to Packages and Utilities.
  3. Choose Course Copy.
  4. From the Select Copy Type drop-down menu, choose Copy Course Materials into an Existing Course.
  5. In the Destination Course ID, click Browse to find the Ultra course you wish to copy into.
  6. From the Select Course Materials options, click Select All.
  7. If you do not want Announcements to copy, uncheck Announcements.
  8. For Discussion Board, choose “Include only the forums, with no starter posts”.
  9. Scroll down to File Attachments and choose, “Copy links and copies of the content (include entire course home folder)”. 
  10. Finally, make sure you do NOT include enrollments in the copy.
  11. Click Submit.


Objects that will not copy from Original

   There are some items that will not copy over from an original course into Ultra. However, some
   of these items may be available in the future as noted below:
  • Contact Cards
  • Tasks 
  • Wikis
  • Course Surveys – planned for inclusion
  • Self and Peer Assessment – planned for inclusion
  • Blogs – planned for inclusion
  • Various test questions – question types highlighted in red will NOT copy over:



After Copy Clean-up

After you copy a course from Original to Ultra, review the results to ensure the course is user-friendly for students and contains all the information you hope to share. Pay specific attention to:
  • Folders with truncated text.
  • Other items that may have truncated text.
  • Rubrics (points-based rubrics will be converted to percentage-based rubrics and will likely need edits).
  • Discussion Forums may copy over with a folder - the folder can be deleted, but double-check the forum instructions.
  • Tests or Quizzes with questions that have been omitted.
  • Item availability.
  • Course elements that do not copy over (blogs, wikis, surveys, peer assessment, etc.).
  • Language or instructions that refer to the old version of Blackboard Original.

Finally, it is strongly encouraged to move your learning materials out of Folders and into Learning Modules


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