Installing Remote Desktop on a Personally-Owned Windows Computer (How-to)

Microsoft Remote Desktop is software that provides access to Drake University's virtual apps and desktops. Follow these instructions to install Remote Desktop on a Personally-owned Windows computer.

If you need to access Drake Virtual Apps & Desktops from a Drake-owned computer, please follow the instructions at Installing Remote Desktop on a Drake-Owned Windows Computer (How-to).

Download Remote Desktop

Download the Remote Desktop client using this address:

Install Remote Desktop

  1. Find the downloaded file in your files and launch it.
  2. Click Next.

Remote Desktop installer Welcome screen

  1. Select I accept the terms in the License Agreement and click Next.

Accepting the terms of the license agreement for Remote Desktop

  1. Ensure Install just for you is selected and click Install.

Installing for the current user only

  1. Click Finish to complete the install. Remote Desktop will open upon completion of the installation.

Finishing the Remote Desktop install

Once you have opened remote Desktop, you may now proceed with signing in to your Drake Microsoft account. For instructions on signing in, please reference the article Using Azure Virtual Desktops (How-to).

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