Getting Parent Access to myDrake (How-to)

As a parent or family member of a Drake student, you can have your own myDrake account. If your student submitted your information when they applied to Drake, you should have access to myDrake. If they didn't, however, you'll have to complete the process below to gain access.

Once you submit the form, it will go through an approval process. After you have access you can apply for authorization to access specific information about your student. Your student can authorize you to access their information. Learn more at Authorizing Parent or Family Access to Student Information (How-to).

Learn how to use myDrake at Using myDrake for Parents (How-to).

1. Go to the Access myDrake Form

  1. Go to the Access myDrake form.

2. Complete the Form

  1. Fill out all the information fields.
  2. Click Send

NOTE: Your request has to be processed. You will be notified when your information has been verified and your myDrake account has been created.


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