Using WirelessDisplay (How-to)

Want to share your screen on the WirelessDisplay unit? Here's how.

1. Enter the IP Address

Enter the IP address listed on the screen into a browser on a laptop or mobile device and you'll navigate to the screen below. Begin by clicking the "Install Pro Software for Windows or Mac". NOTE: You only need to install the software once.

ShareLink Interface

2. Install Pro Software for Windows or Mac

Follow the instructions for the installation of the software. NOTE: On Macs, you will see a warning, but you are safe to proceed.

3. Launch the ShareLink software once installed

4. Choose a Receiver

When the app launches, select the Manual option.

Choose a Receiver Interface

5. Enter the IP Address and Code

Enter the IP address and code from the display's screen. The code will change regularly. Click Connect.

Manual Connect Interface

6. Share to Full Screen

Select Share to Full Screen. When you're done sharing, click the square stop button to disconnect your screen.

Extron ShareLink Interface


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