Installing Citrix Workspace on a Drake-Owned Windows Computer (How-to)

Citrix Workspace is software that provides access to Drake's virtual applications and desktops. Follow these instructions to install Citrix Workspace on a Drake-owned Windows computer.

To install Citrix Workspace on a personally-owned Windows computer, follow the article Installing Citrix Workspace on a Personally-Owned Windows Computer (How-to). Once you have Citrix Workspace installed, reference the instructions for Using Citrix Virtual Applications and Desktops (How-to).

1. Find and Launch Make Me Admin

Before you can install Citrix Workspace on your Drake-owned computer, you will need to get temporary administrative access using the Make Me Admin application. For a guide on using the Make Me Admin application, please reference the instructions in the Obtaining Temporary Admin Access on Windows (How-to) article.

2. Downloading Citrix Workspace

  1. Go to
  2. Click Download Citrix Workspace app for Windows button
  3. Find the downloaded file and right-click it.
  4. Click Run as Administrator.
  5. Click Yes to allow changes. 

3. Install Citrix Workspace

  1. Click Start.

Citrix Workspace install screen - welcome dialog

  1. Select I accept the license agreement and click Next.

Citrix Workspace accepting the terms of the license agreement

  1. When prompted to enable App Protection, leave the box unchecked, and then click Install.

Citrix Workspace - App Protection dialog

  1. Wait for the installation to complete.

Installing Citrix Workspace

4. Add Account

  1. When the installation has completed, click Add Account.

Adding an account to Citrix Workspace

  1. Enter and click Continue. NOTE: Be sure not to enter your Drake email address.

Adding account to Citrix Workspace

5. Logging in

  1. In the User name text box, type in your Drake ID number.
  2. Type your password into the Password text box.
  3. Click Log On.

Citrix Workspace - Add Account


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