Sending a Fax Using a Konica-Minolta Printer (How-to)

In this article, you will find the step by step guide to sending a fax on a Konica-Minolta printer. NOTE: Only the printers that have this feature enabled will be able to send a fax.

Sending a Fax

  1.   Tap your Drake ID or Type your ID number and password to log into the printer. Press the Menu button on the upper right hand corner.

  2.   Press the Scan/Fax Icon.

  3. Press the Direct Input Icon.
  4. Press the Fax Icon.

  5. Decide if the fax number is on campus, local or long distance number.
  6. Sending off campus, using the on screen keyboard:
    • Decide if the fax number is local or long distance- Using the on screen keyboard,:
      • Local:  Dial 9 and fax number (eight digits)
      • Long Distance: dial 91 and area code and fax number (12 digits)
      • Sending from Science Connector Building or Collier Scripps/Ray Center:
        • Dial area code and fax number (10 digits)
  7. Sending to a fax on campus, using the on screen keyboard:
  8. Dial the four-digit fax number
  9. Make sure the document is loaded on the tray, and when prompted, press the Start button.

    You should receive a printout saying whether the fax went through. Be patient as this can take some time.


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