Correcting the Panopto Recorder Upload Issue for Mac (How-to)

The default installation of the Panopto Recorder for Mac conflicts with our setup of OneDrive on Drake-owned Mac devices. As a result, recordings created with Panopto will not upload correctly when completed.

To resolve this issue, Mac users should perform the following steps after installing Panopto but before creating their first recording.

1. Go to Panopto Preferences

  1. Launch Panopto Recorder and select Preferences from the Panopto menu bar.

2. Designating the Recording Folder Path

  1. Select Browse button for the Recording Folder Option.

Panopto Preferences Screen

3. Selecting OneDrive

  1. Select the OneDrive - Drake University folder under your Home folder.

OneDrive folder selection

4. Go to the Video Folder

  1. Select the Videos folder under your OneDrive folder and click Open. Once you've done that, the Panopto Recorder for Mac will now properly upload recordings.

Video folder selection screen




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