Requesting Access for a New User (How-to)

Only Drake Unit Security Managers (DUSMs) can make requests through DSAP.

Before accessing DSAP, please be sure you understand the security request that is being made. The DUSM should talk to the employee's supervisor and/or employee to discuss the access that they need. Is this access like another, already existing user? Is this access completely different that the access needed for any existing functions? If the DUSM has any questions about how a user will need to be set up, they should contact the Data Custodian for that Module.

Request Access for a New User

  1. After logging into DSAP, click on the DUSM Link in the left column to access the DUSM home page.


  1. Select Request Access for New User, then complete the information on the following screen.

Add New USer

  1. After clicking Continue, the page will expand to allow for comments.This is where you can specify exactly what the user needs access to.
  2. After clicking on Submit Request, the request will be sent for approval to the responsible person in each Banner Module area selected. The Data Custodian for each area will have to sign off before trainers will train the users.
  3. As the final step, the Security Administrators will grant access based on the approval from the Data Custodians.

Add New User expanded


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