Using Duo with Office 365 (How-to)

Employees who use Office 365 applications, including Outlook Web App (OWA), myDrake, SharePoint, OneDrive, as well as subsets of these apps containing personal information, like W2 and bank account information, now use Duo multi-factor authentication to protect their accounts.

If you've received an email asking you to enroll in Duo two-factor authentication and aren't sure how to proceed, see Enrolling in Duo from a Computer (How-to).

Note: Duo will remember your secondary authentication device for up to 30 days, provided you are logging in from the same device and location.

In order to log in to Office 365, you will need to have your secondary authentication device with you.

1. Log into Office 365 using Ethos.

  1. Enter your Drake ID number or email address.
  2. Enter your Drake password.
  3. Click Sign In.

2. Select DUO Authentication Method

Select your Duo authentication method. Methods are described in the KB articles/descriptions listed below:

  1. Using the Duo Mobile App.
  2. Using Call Me
  3. Enter a code manually by clicking Enter a Passcode.
  4. Optionally, you can select the Remember me for 30 days check box to allow subsequent logins without needing to re-authentication.
    NOTE: This option only applies when using the same browser, on the same device.

  1. To use the Enter a Passcode option you can either:
    1. Enter a code from the mobile app as described in Using the Duo Mobile App, or use a previously received, unused code from a text message, OR
    2. Click on Text me new codes to have 8 new codes sent via SMS. All 8 codes can be used before needing to have more sent via SMS.
    3. After entering one of these codes, click Log In.

When you change your Drake password, you may see these prompts within Outlook and/or OneDrive. They function the same way as the prompts within the web clients. Once the authentication is complete, they will not show until the next time you change your password.


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