Requesting Additional Access for an Existing User (How-to)

Only Drake Unit Security Managers (DUSMs) can make requests through DSAP.

Before accessing DSAP, ensure you understand the security request that is being made. The DUSM should talk to the employee's supervisor and/or employee to discuss the access that they need. Should this access be set up like another already existing user? Is this access completely different than the access needed for any existing functions? If the DUSM has any questions about how a user will need to be set up, they should contact the Data Custodian for that Module.

DUSMs should use Request Additional Access For A User when there is a change in the user’s job duties that require them to have access to additional Banner modules, forms, ODBC reporting access or Workflow application than they currently have. This could be due to a job change or taking on additional responsibility in their current job.

Request Additional Access for Existing Users

  1. After logging into DSAP, click DUSM in the left column to access the DUSM home page.
  2. Click Request Addition Access for User.
  3. Enter the ID of the person you wish to increase access for.

You MUST know the Banner employee ID (often called Drake ID) for the person you are requesting access for in order to proceed. Once you have the Banner ID, enter it in the Employee ID field and click the Lookup button. The employee’s information will populate on the page. Review this information to confirm you have selected the right person.

  1. Select the module to add access to from the drop down that appears. You can only add one module at a time.
    1. To add multiple modules for the user, you must submit multiple requests.
  2. If adding Workflow or ODBC access, select the Yes radio button under the corresponding label.
    1. If only Workflow or ODBC functionality is to be added; then select the proper module to activate the DSAP Request details where Workflow and ODBC can be chosen.
  3. Make any appropriate comments in the Comments text box: Specific user class(es); description what type of access is needed; or call the Data Custodian for the module for assistance on what information to provide.
  4. Click on Submit Request.

Once your request has been submitted, DSAP will generate an email to affected data custodians that your request is ready for them to process. You will be notified by an auto-generated email when the request has been processed.

Once you receive the email notifying you that access has been approved, please work with the user and trainer to schedule training. Remember that the user cannot have access to Banner until training has been completed. After training has been completed, the Security Administrator will be sent an email notifying them that the user is ready for set up in Banner. When the Security Administrator has completed the setup, an email will be sent to you and the user notifying you that your request is complete.


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