Reducing Access of an Existing User (How-to)

Only Drake Unit Security Managers (DUSMs) can make requests through DSAP.

DUSMs will want to use Reduce User Access when an employee either changes roles within Drake or they change job duties within their current position and no longer require their current level of Banner access. Reducing User Access is not intended for employees who leave Drake, that removal is handled by Human Resources. If the employee is changing departments and will have a new DUSM in their new position, the Reduce User Access request can be made by either the current or new DUSM. This should be coordinated between the two DUSMs.

Reducing Access for Existing Users

  1. After logging into DSAP, click DUSM in the left column to access the DUSM home page.
  2. Click Reduce User Access.
  3. Enter the ID of the person you wish to reduce access for.

You must know the Banner employee ID (often called Drake ID) for the person you are requesting access for in order to proceed. Once you have the Banner ID, enter it in the Employee ID field and click the Lookup button. The employee’s information will populate on the page. Review this information to confirm you have selected the right person.

  1. Select the module to reduce access from the drop down that appears. You can only remove one module at a time.
    1. To remove multiple modules for the user, you must complete multiple requests.
  2. If removing Workflow or ODBC access, select the Yes radio button under the corresponding label.
    1. You will only have an option to remove ODBC access if the user currently has ODBC access for this module.
  3. Make any appropriate comments in the Comments text box: Specific user class(es); description what access is being reduced; or call the Data Custodian for the module to get help on what information to provide.
  4. Click on Submit Request.

Once your request has been submitted, DSAP will generate an email to affected Data Custodians informing them of your request. You will be notified when the request has been processed. The Security Administrator will also be sent a notification email that the user's access should be reduced. When the Security Administrator has completed the reduction in access, an email will be sent to you and the user notifying you that the request is complete.


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