Activating your Drake ID for Printing or Copying (How-to)

NOTE: Drake is in the process of updating its printer/copier devices. Instructions below are only accurate if there are old printers in your area. We apologize for any inconvenience.

A one-time activation is required to connect your Drake ID card to your printing account when using either the Konica-Minolta or Lexmark printers. Before you can print or copy the first time, you’ll need to activate your Drake ID card by tapping it on the card reader and entering your Drake User ID number and password. Once you’ve connected your Drake ID with your printing account once, you won’t need to do it again, unless you lose your ID and get a new card.

For Konica-Minolta and Lexmark Printers

1. Activating your Drake ID Card

  1. Tap your ID on the side of any FollowMe printer. For information on printer locations, web printing for students or printing for faculty and staff, see the articles linked to the right.

Image of tapping ID card on the side of a printer

  1. You will then see the screen below. Click Yes.

Unknown card screen image

  1. Enter your Drake ID number and Password using the touch screen when you get to the screen below. Some copier/printers have an actual keyboard to use, otherwise use a keyboard from the touchscreen.
  2. Click Set.

You're now ready to print or copy.

Login screen to associate card





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