Connecting a wireless (Bluetooth) headset to Skype for Business (How-to)

We recommend you use a headset with the Skype for Business software phone client to experience the best call quality. A wireless headset offers enhanced mobility over wired options. To use a wireless headset with Skype for Business will first require pairing the headset to your computer. The Skype for Business software will then need to be configured to use the headset for calling. 

How to pair a wireless (Bluetooth) headset to your computer:

ITS supports the wireless headset options listed below. These headsets have been reviewed/tested by ITS and are recommended for use with Skype for Business.

How to configure Skype for Business to use a headset:

Important: The headset must first be connected to your computer using the instructions in the previous section before the Skype for Business client can be configured. 

  • PC - Follow the link for instructions.
  • Mac - Follow the link for instructions.