Restore Panopto Videos from Archive Status (How-To)


Panopto videos that receive no views within a 13-month period are automatically placed in an archived status to preserve space for active content. However, archived content may be restored by the creator of the video, or anyone who originally had permission to view the content. Once the restoration request is made, the content is generally available in 36 to 48 hours.

Restore Archived Videos from within a Panopto Folder

Archived videos can be restored directly from the original Panopto folder, accessible via the Blackboard LMS or the Panopto CMS

1. Access a folder's archived videos by by opening the folder and selecting the Archived button

2. Hover over the video you want to restore, which will appear with the archive icon overtop of its thumbnail image, and select the button Restore from Archive

3. When an archived video is restored, both its Creator and the restoration requestor will receive an email notification.

Restore Archived Content from Search 

If you are searching the Panopto site, you can include archived videos in your search.

1. Select the check box to the left of Show archived videos in the search filters

2. Archived content will appear with the Archive icon over it and when hovered over, you can select the button Restore from Archive that appears underneath its title

3. Archived content that is in the process of being restored will not show the Restore from Archive option but instead will display the message: Video is archived. Video will be available for viewing in... with the time remaining until the video is restored



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