External Email Label (FAQ)


Emails coming to Drake from most third-party senders contain a label at the top of the message body. Its purpose is to help recipients determine the true source of email messages, especially since there are malicious phishing and spam messages disguised as internal communications.

This is an automated process within Drake's email filtering system that examines the sender of the message and inserts the tag based on the value, it does not read or analyze any message content.


Red: This is the default label on messages from third-party senders. Label text: ***This Email is from an EXTERNAL source. Ensure you trust this sender before clicking on any links or attachments.***

Blue: This label is applied to messages from third-party senders routinely sending bulk mail, which Drake explicitly trusts and has entered into contract. Label text: *This external email is from a Drake-associated sender.* While these messages should still be examined carefully, it’s unlikely they were sent with malicious intent.

No label: Only messages from vendors to which Drake has given permission to appear as an internal sender or use Drake's name will have no label.


Red Label message preview:

Red Label open message:

Blue Label message preview:

Blue Label open message:

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