Creating Personal Settings in Banner (How-to)


Banner users have the ability to set a few different personal settings:

  1. Sign out confirmation
  2. Preferred Initial Page
  3. Search Preference Indicator

Changing Your Personal Settings

1. Access Personal Settings

  1. Click on the User Profile icon.
  2. Select Personal Settings.
User Profile and Personal Settings Selection    

2. Change Personal Settings

  1. Sign Out Confirmation
    • Select Yes if you want users to be prompted with a confirmation message when signing out of Application Navigator. The default setting is No.
  2. Preferred Initial Page
    • This is the first page that will be opened for the user when they log into Application Navigator. Users can identify the page description or seven-letter identifier for an Administrative page. Application Navigator will reference the user preference detail will display the matching page automatically for the user on the first login. The preferred page is initiated only when there is no active Workflow process being run.
  3. Search Preference Indicator
    • Select the default search option to be used, either Search or Direct Navigation
      • The Search option is the same as in previous versions of Application Navigator. When begin typing the name of an Admin Page, a list of matches is shown. You can search on page names (SPAIDEN) or page titles (Person Identification)
      • ​​​​​​​Direct Navigation disables the search option, allowing users to rapidly type the page name (SPAIDEN) and navigate to the page without waiting for the search results to appear.
Personal Settings screen



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