Email Delegate Request

Request to allow others to be email delegates to personal or shared email accounts. Delegates are able to read and manage emails, send as or send on behalf of email account owner.

What to Expect

An ITS staff member will contact you with any questions or to let you know when your request has been completed.


In order to request a content change you will need to provide the following information:

  • Email address being delegated
  • Email address of the person who is receiving delegate rights
  • What level of permission to delegate – (read and manage, send as, or send on behalf)
  • Type of device being used by delegator – (Windows, Mac or mobile device)
  • Type of mail delivery application or browser being used by delegator - (Outlook, Apple Mail)
Request Service


Mon 8/22/16 3:25 PM
Tue 7/31/18 12:19 PM