Network Registration Request

All devices connected to the Drake wired network must be registered in order to gain access to campus resources and the Internet. If you've followed the self-service instructions and can't connect to the network, please submit a request to get assistance from ITS staff.

What to Expect

Self-service registration is available for Drake students, faculty and staff.

Students should go to the self-service registration portal at to register devices that do not have a browser (e.g. game consoles, smart televisons, Blu-ray players) for use in the residence halls.

Faculty and staff, please connect the unregistered device to a network port and open a browser. You will automatically be directed to the self-service registration portal. To register a device that does not have a browser, please browse to the self-service registration portal at from another computer and select Register a new device here.

For registration requests from non-Drake affiliates, a service request will need to be created. An ITS staff member will contact you with any questions or to let you know when the request has been completed.


In order to complete a self service network registration you will need to provide the following information:

  • Students in the residence halls: Drake email address
  • Faculty & staff: 9-digit Drake ID
  • Password
  • MAC address of the device to be registered (only needed if registering a device from another computer) 

In order to submit a service request for a network registration, you will need to provide the following information:

  • Name of the device to be registered
  • Location of the device when it's on campus, including building and room number
  • MAC address of the device to be registered
  • How long the registration is needed
  • Reason for the request
Additional Information

Students, faculty and staff are limited to 7 concurrent device registrations. Self-service registrations are reset in early August of each year.

Request Service


Thu 11/3/16 3:49 PM
Thu 8/8/19 10:56 AM