Blackboard User Addition or Removal

Blackboard Learning Management System (LMS) is a web-based tool used to organize and deliver materials and engage learners. Blackboard provides tools and functions for file sharing, grading, wikis, discussion boards, and more. Students and instructors are automatically added to a course within 24 hours of enrolling.

Instructors can request to have additional users (e.g. Drake teaching assistants or other Drake colleagues) added to their Blackboard course. Due to FERPA and other laws, inquiries will be made of the requestor for any other user additions and have the potential to be denied.

Instructors can also request to have users who were not enrolled through DUSIS to be removed or deleted. If users are deleted from a course, their data is also removed from the course. In order to have users data to remain, they may be marked as ‘unavailable’ to remove their access, but not access to their data.(Faculty/Staff only) 

What to Expect

If you need to add or remove multiple users with different roles, you will need to submit separate requests for each course per role. Users are added within one business day after the request is received.


In order to request a user addition or removal you will need to provide the following information:

  • Course Term
  • Course Number (CRN)
  • User ID or user's Drake E-mail address
  • Is this a request for addition or removal?
    • Addition: Course Role (Which role will the users have in the course?)
    • Removal: Reason for removal (if applicable)

If you are asking for additions to multiple courses or for multiple people, it may be more efficient to complete the attached spreadsheet template rather than fill out the form.  If this is the case for your request, download and complete the Excel spreadsheet template to the right to include all required information (listed above). You will be able to upload the file in the form after you click "Request Service."

Please click the "Request Service" button to complete the necessary form.

Request Service


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