Print Card Request

Copy/print card allows a person who uses a service account to copy or print from a service account and have it charged to the appropriate account. A service account is provided for users who access a single sign-on account to copy or print on behalf of the group. Print cards can be used by student workers, but need to be requested by a faculty or staff member.

What to Expect

Requests for print/copy cards will be completed within two business days. You will be contacted by ITS staff once the information has been added to the system to either deliver the card to you or send it through campus mail.


To request a copy/print card, you will need to provide the following information:

  • Service account user name (for printing)
  • Friendly name – the name/title from Banner that matches the org code
  • Budget manager name
  • Start date for the user access
  • End date for user access (optional)
Request Service


Service ID: 17067
Mon 1/9/17 3:07 PM
Wed 10/14/20 3:57 PM