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Enrolling in Multi-Factor Authentication on your Drake Email Account (How-to)

After being notified by Peter Lundstedt or another member of the Drake Information Technology Services staff that multi-factor authentication (commonly referred to as 2FA or MFA) has been set up on your Drake email account, please follow the steps below to set up a secondary authentication device. This device will receive notifications from the Drake email system when your username and password is used to log into your email account. Notifications can be sent via phone or text message, a smartphone is not required.

1.    Log into your Drake Email Account

  1. Go to using your web browser and log into your Drake email account.

Online services login screen screenshot

2.    Set up Further Account Verification

After you enter your email address and password, you will see the following screen.

  1. Click Set it up now.

For added security, we need to further verify your account screenshot

3.   Choose an Authentication Method

  1. Choose an authentication method from the first dropdown box. It’s recommended that you use your mobile phone number to ensure you can respond to the authentication prompt easily.
  2. Enter your phone number. Double check that your phone number entry is accurate.
  3. Once finished, click Save.

Preferred verification option screenshot

4.    Enter Verification Code

You’ll receive a confirmation verification prompt using the method and device that you chose.

  1. Enter your verification code that you received via the requested method.
  2. Sign In.

Enter verification code screenshot

5.    Additional Application Password

After confirming, you may see an additional page, advising you of an additional application password.

  1. Make a note of this password as you will be prompted to enter it when opening other applications, on all your devices. This password will not be displayed again at any other point in the process. If you forget to note your password, you'll need to follow the instructions in Resetting your Microsoft App Password for Use with Multi-Factor Authentication (How-to) to reset it.

Additional App password screenshot
6.    Re-authenticate on Your Mobile Device(s) FIRST

Prior to using anything other than, you must enter your app password on your mobile device to connect with your Drake email account. Once you've entered your app password on a mobile device first, you can then go on to use it everywhere else.

If you experience any problems during this enrollment process or while attempting authentication, please contact Peter Lundstedt, Director of Information Security & Compliance, at or 515-271-4173



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