Grouping Courses by Terms/Semesters (How-to)

Grouping your courses by term/semester helps organize your course list. As an instructor, you may have multiple courses with the same title. Arranging them by term can greatly reduce confusion as you can collapse past terms, yet still easily access them. Grouping by term helps differentiate the courses, but you can still make further changes to the Course Name if needed.

1. Grouping Courses by Term/Semester

  1. In Blackboard, hover over the My Courses header to see the gear symbol to Manage My Courses Module Settings.Manage My Course Module Settings
  2. Select the check box by Group by Term, then Submit.

Group by Term checkbox location

2. Expand and Collapse Terms

To expand/collapse a term, click on the arrow head to the left of the term title. 

  1. Expanded sections have arrow heads facing down. 
  2. Collapsed sections have arrow heads facing right. 
    Images of expanded and collapsed terms