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Computer, periphery, and software installation, and repair requests.

Services (13)

Classroom Change Order

Classroom Scheduled Modification

Classroom Technology Issue

Report any issues with technology in classrooms or meeting spaces.

Computer Accessory/Peripheral Installation

Request assistance with the installation of a computer accessory or peripheral, such as a computer monitor, scanning device, or external hard drive on a Drake-owned computer. (Faculty/Staff only)

Computer Move/Installation

Request for a Drake-owned computer to be installed, moved from one location to another, or transferred to another user. (Faculty/Staff only)

Computer Repair

Request that a hardware component of a Drake-owned computer be repaired or replaced. (Faculty/Staff only)

Computer/Accessory Decommissioning

Request removal of Drake-owned computer equipment that is no longer in use. (Faculty/Staff only)

DIBS Internal Repair

DIBS Internal Repair - for the DIBS staff only

iOS App Deployment

Push of new or existing iOS apps to iPads enrolled in JAMF. (Faculty/Staff only)

Operating System (OS) Upgrade

Upgrade the operating system (OS) on your Drake-issued to computer to a newer major version. (Faculty/Staff only)

Software Download Issue

Report any issues downloading software from the E-Academy area of blueView.

Software Installation

Request assistance installing software on your Drake-owned computer. (Faculty/Staff only)

Software Issue

Request assistance troubleshooting software failures, configuration issues, and error messages.

Software Remote Installation

Request to remotely install software to a lab, department, or individual Drake-owned computer(s). (Faculty/Staff only)