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Blackboard consultations are available to faculty, adjunct instructors, and staff seeking to learn more about the tools for course development offered within Blackboard. (Faculty/Staff only)

Blackboard course merge requests are used to copy all student enrollment from two or more courses into a “parent” course to avoid having to replicate and update the same content across multiple courses offered in the same semester. (Faculty/Staff only)

This service is for the content owner (instructor) to request sharing/copying of their Blackboard course content into another instructor's Blackboard course. (Faculty/Staff only)

Temporary Blackboard guest accounts can be created for special cases such as guest lectures or visiting students from another institution. (Faculty/Staff only)

Blackboard training is offered to faculty members, adjunct instructors and staff without any previous experience with working with an LMS to deliver online content to students. (Faculty/Staff only)

Instructors can request to have additional users (like teaching assistants or other colleagues) added to their Blackboard course. (Faculty/Staff only)

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