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Services A-Z (119)

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Audio Conferencing Request

Request a new audio conferencing number or make changes to an existing number. (Faculty/Staff only)


Banner ePrint Add New Report

Request to add a new report to Banner ePrint. (Faculty/Staff only)

Banner ePrint Update Distribution List

Request an update to an ePrint distribution list. (Faculty/Staff only)

Banner ePrint Update User Access

Request a change to user access for ePrint. (Faculty/Staff only)

Banner ePrint Upload Issue

Report an issue with uploading a report into ePrint. (Faculty/Staff only)

Banner Transcripts Issue

Report any issues with processing Banner electronic and paper transcripts. (Faculty/Staff only)

Banner WebXtender Assistance

Request access or get technical assistance with Banner WebXtender. (Faculty/Staff only)

Banner Workflow Issue

Report any issues with Banner Workflow. (Faculty/Staff only)

Banner/DUSIS Data Extract

This service is used to order data extracts from the Banner/DUSIS database. (Faculty/Staff only)

Banner/DUSIS Duplicate Person Merge

Request a permanent merge of two Banner/DUSIS ID numbers and all data associated with them. (Faculty/Staff only)

Banner/DUSIS File Location Request

Request a file to be placed on or retrieved from the Banner system. (Faculty/Staff only)

Banner/DUSIS Issue

Report any issue(s) you may be having with Banner/DUSIS. (Faculty/Staff only)

Banner/DUSIS Job Scheduler Issue

Request set up or assistance with a scheduled Banner cron job. (Faculty/Staff only)

Banner/DUSIS Patch/Upgrade Request

Request a Banner/DUSIS patch or upgrade needed prior to the next scheduled upgrade window. (Faculty/Staff only)

Banner/DUSIS Security Request

Request changes to Banner/Drake University Student Information System (DUSIS) forms access. (Faculty/Staff only)

Blackboard Consultation

Blackboard consultations are available to faculty, adjunct instructors, and staff seeking to learn more about the tools for course development offered within Blackboard. (Faculty/Staff only)

Blackboard Course Merge

Blackboard course merge requests are used to copy all student enrollment from two or more courses into a “parent” course to avoid having to replicate and update the same content across multiple courses offered in the same semester. (Faculty/Staff only)

Blackboard Course Sharing

This service is for the content owner (instructor) to request sharing/copying of their Blackboard course content into another instructor's Blackboard course. (Faculty/Staff only)

Blackboard Guest Account Creation

Temporary Blackboard guest accounts can be created for special cases such as guest lectures or visiting students from another institution. (Faculty/Staff only)

Blackboard Issue

Report any errors or issues encountered while using Blackboard.

Blackboard Training

Blackboard training is offered to faculty members, adjunct instructors and staff without any previous experience with working with an LMS to deliver online content to students. (Faculty/Staff only)

Blackboard User Addition

Instructors can request to have additional users (like teaching assistants or other colleagues) added to their Blackboard course. (Faculty/Staff only)

blueView Broken or Missing Link

Report a link in blueView that does not respond as expected.

blueView Content Change

Request to add, change or remove content in blueView channels. (Faculty/Staff only)

blueView Login Issue

Use this service to notify ITS if you're unable to log into blueView.

blueView Targeted Announcements Access

Request training to gain access to post announcements to blueView. (Faculty/Staff only)


Calendar Addition

Creation of a new electronic calendar to be added to an existing email account or used independently. (Faculty/Staff only)

Calendar Delegate Request

Request to allow others to be calendar delegates to personal or shared calendars. Delegates are able to manage, edit, view all details, view titles and locations, and check availability. (Faculty/Staff only)

Calendar Issue

Report any problems using the calendaring system. (Faculty/Staff only)

Cell Phone Request

Request a new Drake-owned cell phone or make changes to an existing cell phone plan. (Faculty/Staff only)

Classroom Change Order

Classroom Scheduled Modification

Classroom Repair

General schedule-able classroom repair for Brad's group.

Classroom Technology Issue

Report any issues with technology in classrooms or meeting spaces.

Computer Accessory/Peripheral Installation

Request assistance with the installation of a computer accessory or peripheral, such as a computer monitor, scanning device, or external hard drive on a Drake-owned computer. (Faculty/Staff only)

Computer Move/Installation

Request for a Drake-owned computer to be installed, moved from one location to another, or transferred to another user. (Faculty/Staff only)

Computer Purchase Request

Request the purchase of a Drake-owned computer. (Faculty/Staff only)

Computer Repair

Request that a hardware component of a Drake-owned computer be repaired or replaced. (Faculty/Staff only)

Computer/Accessory Decommissioning

Request removal of Drake-owned computer equipment that is no longer in use. (Faculty/Staff only)

Computer/Accessory Quote Request

Engage a campus technician for assistance in selecting and obtaining a quote for non-standard computers, peripherals, or other information technology equipment. (Faculty/Staff only)


Digital Signage Assistance

Request additional training or assistance as a current user of the campus digital signage system. (Faculty/Staff only)

Digital Signage Consultation

Request a new campus digital sign. (Faculty/Staff only)

Door Access Issue

Report any problems you may be having with door access.

Drake BI Issue

Report issues related to accessing or using the Drake BI portal.

Drake Card Cash Register Issue

Report any issue you may be having with the campus cash registers. (Faculty/Staff only)

Drake Card Login Issue

This service is used to assist anyone who can't log into the Drake Card system.

Drake Card Printing Funds Issue

This service is used to assist Drake Card users having problems printing due to funds.

Drake Card Services Issue

Report any problems you may be having with Drake Card services.

Drake Website (CMS) Assistance

Schedule a consultation to address questions that arise after initial website training, either in person or over the phone. (Faculty/Staff only)

Drake Website (CMS) Training/Access

Request training in order to receive access to make changes to a portion of the Drake University website. (Faculty/Staff only)


Email Account Recovery

Recover a Drake email account that was deleted in the last 60 days.

Email Address Change

Change a faculty or staff email address. (HR Staff only)

Email Client Configuration

Request assistance in configuring your Drake email in Outlook, or on your Android, or iOS device.

Email Delegate Request

Request to allow others to be email delegates to personal or shared email accounts. Delegates are able to read and manage emails, send as or send on behalf of email account owner. (Faculty/Staff only)

Email Group Change

Request for changes to an existing email distribution group to add or remove addresses, update responsible party or individual, and adjust permissions. (Faculty/Staff only)

Email Group Creation

New email distribution groups can be created and used for email distribution to large or small groups of Drake email addresses. (Faculty/Staff only)

Email Issue

Report any problems sending or receiving messages with a Drake email account.

Email Service Account Ownership Change

Request to change the ownership of an email service account due to someone leaving or changing roles. (Faculty/Staff only)

Email Service Account Request

Request to create an email service account to be used by groups or individuals to have an email address to use that isn't connected to a specific individual. (Faculty/Staff only)


Faculty WordPress New Site Consultation

Request a consultation to discuss the creation of a new faculty publishing website. (Faculty/Staff only)

Faculty WordPress Site Assistance

Receive further assistance for a website created within the faculty publishing environment. (Faculty/Staff only)


HireTouch Access Issue

Report any access issues with the employment application system. (Faculty/Staff only)


Information Technology Contract Review

Assessment of IT services, software, or hardware contracts. (Faculty/Staff only)

iOS App Deployment

Push of new or existing iOS apps to iPads enrolled in JAMF. (Faculty/Staff only)

IT Security Issue

Submit an inquiry to the ITS Information Security team.


Live Streaming Consultation

Schedule a consultation to discuss live stream production for an event. (Faculty/Staff only)


Multimedia Encoding & Conversion

A request to transfer media assets from one format to another. (Faculty/Staff only)

Multimedia Production Consultation

Schedule a consultation to discuss multimedia production. (Faculty/Staff only)

MyDUSIS Access Request

Request assistance with accessing MyDUSIS tools. (Faculty/Staff only)


Report any issues you may be having with MyDUSIS.


Network Registration Request

Information on registration of connected devices to the Drake wired network including requests for related services.


Online Housing Issue

Report any issue(s) you may be having with housing placement.

Online Housing Meal Plan Issue

Report any issue you may be having with meal plan selection.

Online Housing Reporting Issue

Request assistance with any issues you may be having with StarRez reporting. (Faculty/Staff only)

Operating System (OS) Upgrade

Upgrade the operating system (OS) on your Drake-issued to computer to a newer major version. (Faculty/Staff only)

Orientation Software (Visual Zen) Issue

Request assistance if you are unable to log into Visual Zen orientation software.


Phishing Attempt Reporting

Report any email you receive that you think might be a phishing attempt.

Polycom Conference Telephone Request

Request a conference phone for a meeting. (Faculty/Staff only)

Print Card Request

Request copy/print card(s) that allows a person (or people) who uses a service account to copy or print from a service account and have it charged to the appropriate account. (Faculty/Staff only)

Print Software Installation

Request assistance from ITS staff to install printer driver and software packages on a computer.

Printer Installation

Install a surplus networked HP printer. (Faculty/Staff only)

Printing Account Issue

Request printer account assistance with issues including insufficient funds or balance or charging problems. Not for requesting printing refunds.

Printing FOAPAL Exception

Allow a user who needs to print on behalf of others to charge their printing to the appropriate FOAPAL. (Faculty/Staff only)

Printing Issue

Fix errors or difficulties with printing from your computer.

Printing Server Issue

Drake University provides printing services through LRI supported printers and devices. All printing support will be addressed at user and device level to ensure proper diagnosis and resolution of the issue.

Pyramid Analytics Access

Submit a request for access to Drake's data warehouse and reporting analytics tool. (Faculty/Staff only)


Qualtrics Consultation

Schedule a consultation to discuss Qualtrics use.


Raiser's Edge Access Request

Request a new account or access change. (Faculty/Staff only)

Raiser's Edge Issue

Report any issues you are experiencing with Raiser's Edge. (Faculty/Staff only)

Raiser's Edge Report/List Request

Submit an alumni-related data request. (Faculty/Staff only)


Slate Issue

Report any access issues with Slate. (Faculty/Staff only)

Software Download Issue

Report any issues downloading software from the E-Academy area of blueView.

Software Installation

Request assistance installing software on your Drake-owned computer. (Faculty/Staff only)

Software Issue

Request assistance troubleshooting software failures, configuration issues, and error messages.

Software Purchase Consultation

Request ITS assistance with obtaining a quote for a software purchase. (Faculty/Staff only)

Software Remote Installation

Request to remotely install software to a lab, department, or individual Drake-owned computer(s). (Faculty/Staff only)

Storage Access Change

Report permissions changes that need to be made on existing shared file storage.

Storage Issue

Report any problems accessing data using Drake provided storage systems.

Storage Location Creation

Creation of a new storage location as needed for an ad-hoc group or class.

Storage OneDrive Issue

Request assistance with any issues you are encountering with OneDrive storage. (Faculty/Staff only)


Technology Adoption Consultation

Schedule a consultation to investigate adoption of a technology that we currently don't have on campus. (Faculty/Staff only)

Technology Project Request

Submit a request to start the process of evaluating a potential technology project or enhancement. (Faculty/staff only)

Technology Training Request

Schedule a training session and/or request access to training materials for a technology currently supported by Drake. (Faculty/Staff only)

Telephone Issue

Report any issues with office telephones. (Faculty/Staff only)

Telephone Move or Change

Move an office telephone from one location to another on campus. (Faculty/Staff only)

Telephone Name Change

Change the name being displayed on Caller ID if it's incorrect or needs to be updated. (Faculty/Staff only)

Telephone Request

Request a new telephone for a new or current employee. (Faculty/Staff only)

Touchnet Issue

Report any issues with Drake's credit card payment system.


VDI Issue

Report any VDI access issues.

Video Conferencing Consultation

Consultation to discuss the appropriate synchronous video conferencing solution. (Faculty/Staff only)

Virtual EMS Access Issue

Report access issue with Virtual EMS, Drake's online room scheduling system. (Faculty/Staff only)

Virus/Malware Removal

Have your computer checked out and cleared of viruses or malware infections.

Voicemail Box Creation

Have voicemail created for a new hire or different user's office telephone. (Faculty/Staff only)

Voicemail Forwarding to Email

Configure voicemail to be re-directed to your email as a sound file attachment. (Faculty/Staff only)

VPN Access to Drake Network

Request assistance with getting a Virtual Private Network (VPN) connection to have encrypted remote access to the Drake network. (Faculty/Staff only)

VPN Configuration Support

Request assistance with configuring VPN access to the Drake network. This allows a user a to access the internal Drake network from off-campus. (Faculty/Staff only)


Wired Network Issue

Report any problems accessing the network from an existing wired connection.

Wired Network Port(s) Request

Request a consultation to expand the wired network to a new location. (Faculty/Staff only)

Wireless Network Issue

Report any problems accessing the wireless network, including wireless coverage issues or poor performance.

Wireless Network Setup/Repair

Get assistance with setting up wireless network access on a computer or mobile device or repairing an existing set-up.