Setting Up or Changing Bulldog Alert Text Message Notifications (How-to)


This guide shows you how to sign up to receive Bulldog Alert text messages or edit your communication preferences. Bulldog Alerts is an emergency notification service enabling Drake University to notify the campus quickly about major emergencies on campus and to provide information and instructions. For more information on emergency notifications and campus safety in general, visit the Campus Public Safety website.

NOTE: Bulldog Alerts can only be set up or changed by Drake students, faculty, or staff.

1. Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA)

If you haven't already done so, setup multi-factor authentication (MFA) before proceeding: Getting Started with the Microsoft Authenticator app (How-to)

2. Log into myDrake

Go to myDrake using your preferred web browser and log in using your Drake email address and password.
For more information about signing into myDrake, see Signing in to Microsoft-connected systems (How-To).

3. Bulldog Alerts

  1. Go to the Campus Info section.
  2. Click Bulldog Alerts Settings.
  3. Perform multi-factor authentication (MFA).

4. Rave Guardian

Bulldog Alerts are managed by a system called Rave Guardian. After clicking on Bulldog Alerts Settings, you will land on a Rave Guardian webpage that allows you to set or change your notification preferences. There's also a Rave Guardian app you can download to your mobile device. Learn more at Drake Guardian Mobile App.

NOTE: The RAVE Guardian app can only be downloaded by those with email addresses.

5. Add and Confirm Devices

  1. If you already have a mobile phone number listed, click Confirm. Skip to step 7.
  2. If you don't have a mobile phone number listed, click Add.

6. Add Phone Number

If you clicked Confirm on the last step, skip this step.

If you didn't have a mobile phone number listed and clicked Add on the last step:

  1. Enter your mobile phone number.
  2. Click Continue.

7. Carrier

  1. Select your mobile phone carrier from the drop down menu.
  2. Click Continue.

8. Confirmation Code

A text message containing a confirmation code will be sent to your mobile phone. Once you receive the code:

  1. Enter the confirmation code as it appears in your text message.
  2. Click Continue.

9. Successful

After entering the confirmation code, you'll receive another text verifying that the setup was successful.

  1. Click Done

10. Choose to Receive or Opt-Out

On this page you can also enable or opt out of receiving Broadcast Alerts:

  1. Check the boxes to receive alerts via text and/or email, or un-check them to opt-out of receiving alerts.
  2. Click Update to save any changes.
  3. Click My Account to return to the main screen.

10. Make Additional Changes or Log Out

  1. Verify that your mobile phone is added, and has the word Confirmed next to it.
  2. If you choose, you can add an additional mobile phone number or email address to receive alerts.
  3. When you're done, Log Out.

11. No longer at Drake?

If you're no longer at Drake University due to graduation, withdrawal, retirement, or any other reason, you don't need to unsubscribe from Bulldog Alerts. You'll be automatically removed from the system on our next weekly update, which takes place overnight on Sundays.



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