Reporting a Phishing Message (How-to)


If you have received an email message that you believe may be malicious (e.g., fraud, hoax, possible virus, etc.), the message should be handled carefully. Don't click links, open attachments, or enter any requested information. There are three ways to report suspected emails to ITS.

1. Report the Suspicious Email within Outlook

The Outlook desktop application has built-in functionality to allow students, faculty, and staff to report suspicious email messages as phishing. See the following articles for specific instructions.

  1. Report Phishing Button in Outlook - students only
  2. Phishing Alert Button in Outlook - faculty & staff


2. Forward the Suspicious Email as an Attachment

Forward the suspicious email as an attachment to the Information Security group at

Procedures for forwarding an email as an attachment on Mac, PC and Outlook Web App platforms:

Mac Mail - OSX

  1. Create a new message and return to your mailbox.
  2. Click and hold on the message you want to attach until it turns into a letter icon.
  3. While still holding, drag and drop the icon into the new message window.


Outlook - Windows

  1. Create a new message and return to your mailbox.
  2. Right-click on the message you want to attach and select Copy, or select the email and Ctrl+C.
  3. Right-click in the body of the new message and select Paste, or press Ctrl+V while your cursor is in the body of the message.


Outlook Web App (Mac and PC)

  1. Create a new message and open it in a new window by clicking the icon in the upper right corner.
  2. Arrange the windows so you can see both the new message and the message list.
  3. Click and hold on the message you want to attach, dragging it to the new message.


3. Submit a Request to ITS

Alternately, you can have ITS review the message by using the Phishing Attempt Reporting service, found within the Service Catalog. Attach the suspected email to the request when possible.



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