Phishing Attempt Reporting

Phishing is a method used to trick individuals into giving up private information through online channels that appear to be secure. Attacks can incorporate phone calls, emails, and/or fraudulent look-alike websites, all designed to steal information including account usernames/passwords, social security numbers, credit card numbers, and financial information. A second kind of phishing known as spear phishing consists of targeted attacks aimed at key individuals within an organization that may have access to highly sensitive documents or financial information. Use this service to report any email you receive that you think might be a phishing attempt.

What to Expect

An ITS staff member will contact you with any questions or to let you know when the issue has been resolved.


In order to report a phishing attempt you will need to provide the following information:

  • Email address of sender
  • Email address of recipient
  • Message subject
  • Content of message, especially links
  • Is the recipient's account compromised?
  • What actions were taken upon receiving the phishing email?
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