Configuring OneDrive on Windows (How-to)


Drake University uses Microsoft OneDrive and Microsoft Teams as the standard cloud storage solution for anywhere/anytime file access, editing, and collaboration. All other cloud storage solutions are unsupported. This article provides how-to steps for configuring OneDrive on a Windows computer.

Students, faculty, and staff can use OneDrive to access their Drake files anywhere an Internet connection is available. Students can even use OneDrive to store and access their own files from Drake's computer labs and virtual desktop environment. Faculty who configure OneDrive on their classroom computers can access instructional material prepared from their office or even from home.

Before configuring OneDrive, either log off and log back onto your computer or restart and then log in. This will ease later efforts by the OneDrive Assistant. Once you have started these instructions, make sure not to log off or restart your computer again until both the Sign in and Redirection steps have been completed.

1. Sign in to OneDrive

  1. Click on the Start menu or in the Taskbar's Search field, then type "onedrive" to locate the OneDrive client.
  2. Click to open Microsoft OneDrive. Ignore any programs named "OneDrive for Business". Make sure to open the Program, not something marked as a File. If you don't have OneDrive on your computer, please submit a Microsoft Teams/File Storage Issue.
  3. It may take a while for the OneDrive client to open. Once the window appears, enter your Drake email address then click Sign in.
  4. You may be prompted to choose between a Personal account or one for Work or School. If you're asked to choose between the two, click Work or School.
  5. If prompted, sign-in as you would normally. For more information, see Signing in to Microsoft-connected systems (How-To).
  6. The path to your OneDrive files will be displayed. Click Next. Do not click the link to Change location.
  7. Your Desktop, Documents, and Pictures folders will be pre-selected for synchronization and backup into OneDrive. Click Next.
  8. The OneDrive client is now set up on your computer. Click Next at each of the informational screens that follow.
  9. Click Later when prompted with information on the mobile app.
  10. Last, click Open my OneDrive folder. A File Explorer window will appear showing your OneDrive synchronized files. You may close the File Explorer window.

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