Using Remote Support with ITS (How-to)


Remote support allows ITS staff members to work with you remotely to resolve technical issues. All remote support sessions are generated from support requests submitted via the ITS service portal. Drake students, faculty, and staff can authorize remote access to their computer to allow technicians to diagnose and resolve issues. ITS staff will never access user's computers without permission. All remote interactions are logged as part of the support request.

The instructions below show you how to respond to requests from ITS staff members providing remote support.

For more information, see ITS Remote Support Policy.

1. Remote Support Session Link

ITS staff members working on your support request will schedule a remote support session with you.

At the scheduled date and time, the ITS staff member calls you to start the remote support session (using your cellphone number, Drake office extension, etc.).

  1. When the ITS staff member calls, they will send you a session link via email.
  2. From within the email, click the session link to download the remote support application.
    (NOTE: Each session generates a unique link with a new session key.)

    Example of email with link to remote support session

2. Download and Launch the Remote Support Application

A temporary application will be downloaded to your computer to facilitate the remote support session.

  1. After you have clicked the session link, a new browser window (or a new browser tab) will open in your default web browser asking:
    Would you like to start a support session with <ITS Staff Member>? Click Yes.

NOTE: You may be asked: Do you want to allow downloads on ""? If so, click Allow. If not, go to the next step.

  1. The software downloads. After the software download completes, click on the downloaded file (Open To Start Support in the lower left corner of your browser window. If you don't see the download, click the link in this screen.
  2. The file you downloaded (Open To Start Support unzips and a Finder window appears containing a file with an orange, shield-like application icon named Open To Start Support Session. Double-click on the application file Open To Start Support Session to start the remote support session.

NOTE: This process varies depending on your computer's operating system (OS), connection speed, and web browser. Steps 2 and 3 above describe what happens with Google Chrome (Mac). If you are using a different web browser (possibly running on a different OS (e.g., Microsoft Windows 10)), follow the directions displayed in your browser window after performing step 1.


Open to start to download zip

Open to start support session

3. Remote Support

After you have launched Open To Start Support Session, a Remote Support chat window will open.

  1. The chat window presents a dialog box stating:
    <ITS Staff Member> is requesting full access to your computer.

    The ITS staff member is asking permission to screen share with your computer (i.e., to view and control your computer). Click Allow. 

    NOTE: If you don't respond to this prompt within 30 seconds, the ITS staff member will automatically be granted access to your computer. You have the option to refuse this access. However, if you refuse this access, you will be asked to bring your computer to the ITS Support Center (in the basement of Carnegie Hall) for a technician to diagnose and resolve the issue you are experiencing with your computer.
  2. After full access to your computer has been granted, the ITS staff member might pause to elevate privileges to grant themselves administrator privileges to make global and/or restricted changes to your computer. At this point, the ITS staff member has full access. You will see everything they do in real time. All actions taken are recorded and logged within your support request.
  3. If you need to revoke access to your computer, click Stop Sharing in the chat window.
  4. You will be able to chat with the ITS staff member in real time, in addition to other communication options.

NOTE: You may receive additional prompts to grant permission for specific tasks needed to resolve your support request.

Allow tech full access prompt
Chat Window information

4. Ending Session and Next Steps

The ITS staff member will confirm that everything is resolved or advise on next steps.

  1. At this point, the ITS staff member will end the remote support session, and you’ll see a confirmation dialog on the screen indicating that your device is no longer being accessed. This process removes the temporary software application.
  2. You will see a brief remote support survey. Please use it to let ITS know about your experience.

If your issue has been resolved, your support request will be marked as resolved. Otherwise, you will receive additional information regarding next steps towards resolution.

Remote Support session has ended window
Drake ITS Remote Support Survey screen



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