Student Services Center Portal

This is the place to find information, report issues, and request assistance from the Student Services Center (SSC) in Olmsted.
  • How to Use this Site: Select one of buttons below, or use the search in the upper right corner to find information or request assistance. You can browse the entire site, but you’ll have to log in if you need to report an issue, submit a request, or check on its progress.
  • Contact Us: The best way to contact the Student Services Center is via email at You can also call for assistance at 515-271-2000.
  • Current Hours: Monday - Friday, 8 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. Hours may vary on holidays and during breaks.
SSC Services:
  •  ID Card printing
  •  Parking permit distribution
  •  Parking citation payments
  •  Bulldog Bucks program
  •  Key distribution
  •  Student payroll check distribution
  •  Student employment paperwork collection
  •  Drake Printing Services projects

SSC Parking Permits

Parking passes can be purchased online in the myDrake portal

SSC Bulldog Bucks

Bulldog Bucks are an optional account that can be used with your Drake ID card. Funds can be loaded online by students or “guests”, and spent at various on and off campus locations.

These funds carry over from semester to semester, and do not expire until you are no longer an active student at Drake.

Add funds to Bulldog Bucks online

Bulldog Bucks Uses:

  • Drake Dining locations and vending machines: Meal Plan Flex dollars are used first, Bulldog Bucks are used if you either have no meal plan money, or have run out.
  • Campus printing: Cards will use University loaded print funds first, Bulldog Bucks are used if these funds have run out or if you are a part time student that does not receive them.
  • Drake Bookstore purchases: Purchase books or Drake gear in store or online at
  • Participating off campus locations: Visit to see which locations accept Bulldog Bucks!