Using Folders and Learning Modules in Ultra (How-to)

When you open a new course in Ultra, you will see the Course Content page.  Here you can create folders and learning modules to organize your course. 

Creating Learning Modules

Learning modules are the recommended tool for posting course content (learning materials and assignments) as they provide students with easy-to-use navigation arrows, allowing them to move forward and backward through the content within the module.  Note: Folders do not provide the navigation arrows and require the students to close the current page before they can continue to the next item.
  1. Click the plus (+) sign wherever you would like to create a new Learning Module.
  2. Click Create, then choose Learning Module from the Create Item panel. The Learning Module will be inserted into your Course Content Page. 
  3. Click the pencil icon next to the title to rename the module. 
  4. Click the availability drop-down arrow to choose whether it is hidden or available.
  5. Click the gray area to access the description field.  Click the pencil to add a description (optional and limited to 255 characters).
  6. For more information on learning modules, watch the brief Learning Modules video from Blackboard Support.

If you copy an Original course into an Ultra course, most of the content will copy over into folders.  It will take some additional time and effort to transfer content into Learning Modules, but will provide the best learning experience for your students.  Begin by creating the Learning Modules and then drag and drop content from the folders into the Learning Modules.  The folders can then be deleted.


Creating Folders

Folders are best suited to organize course documents such a syllabus, instructor contact information, course schedule, resources, etc.
  1. Click the plus (+) sign wherever you would like to create a new folder.
  2. Click Create, then choose Folder from the Create Item panel.
  3. Give the folder a name, choose whether it is hidden or available, and type a description (optional and limited to 255 characters).

NOTE: You can create sub-folders within a folder; however, Ultra only supports a two-level folder structure.  You cannot nest folders three levels deep.


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