Linking to a Panopto Video from within a Course

Several different ways to add Panopto Videos exist within Blackboard Learn Ultra.  Here are two options for adding videos in your Ultra Courses.

Linking to a Video from within a Document (embedding)

  1. From the text editor of a Document, click [+] and select Insert/Edit LTI Item.
  2. From the list of tools, select Panopto Video Embed.
  3. Select the video you want to embed, set its Video Embed Options, and select Insert.
  4. The recording now displays in Course Content

Linking to a video from within Course Content (embedding)

After adding the video to the Course Content page, you can drag and drop it to a different location (e.g., folder learning module, assignment, discussion board, etc.).  
  1. Click the plus (+) sign and select Content Market.
  2. Scroll down and click Panopto Video Embed.
  3. Select the recording you want to add.
  4. Near the bottom of the screen, click the action arrow above the Insert button to expand the Video Embed Options.
  5. Review and update the Video Embed Options
  6. Click Insert to add the recording to the Course Content
  7. The recording now displays in the Course Content area.  Please drag and drop it to the proper location.  Note the rocket icon, which is used to denote Panopto recordings.  (May or may not display or have associated alt tags for accessible enabled screen readers)

Video Embed Options

Start At: Controls the time in the video where playback will start.

Interactivity >> All: Allows viewer to search within the video, rate the video, access the table of contents, make notes, and add discussion posts.

Interactivity >> Search & Rating only: Allows viewer to only search through video and rate it.

Interactivity >> None: Removes all interactive features.

Autoplay: Select this option to have video begin playing automatically when webpage loads.

Enable 'Watch in Panopto': Select to display and arrow that allows a viewer to open the video in the full interactive player.

Show Title: Select this option to display the title of the video at the top of the player.  Use consistent and meaningful naming conventions to help student connect the dots between course material.

Show Logo: Select this to show Drake University's embedded logo in the player


Common Troubleshooting Advice

Course is Not Provisioned:  If you attempt to add a link to a Panopto recording before you provision the course, you will encounter the following error message.   To correct it, please consult the Provisioning Panopto in Blackboard Learn Ultra article and then embed the video.





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