Seeing Feedback From Your Instructor

Receiving feedback on your assignments is a crucial aspect of the learning process. When an instructor provides written feedback on an assignment or discussion post, make sure to take the time to carefully read their remarks and use it to improve on future assignments. Depending on how your professor has shared their feedback, you may have to use different ways to see and save their comments in Blackboard Learn Ultra. 

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See Course Grades 

You can find your course grades in three places in Blackboard.

  1. Your Activity Stream page – select View my grade to see your points, and click on the pill icon to go into the course gradebook to get additional feedback.

  2. Your global Grades page – recently graded work appears under each course heading. Select View all work to get go into the course gradebook to get additional feedback.

  3. The Course Gradebook – within your course, select the Gradebook tab in the navigation bar.

Accessing Feedback in an Assignment

To access written feedback, locate the Course Gradebook using one of the methods above. If you have feedback on an assignment, a purple dialogue icon appears in the Feedback column . Click on the dialogue icon (seen below) to open the Details & Information for your submission. 

Image of the purple feedback icon in Blackboard Learn Ultra gradebook

Then select View submission. This will open your assignment submission in a full panel, where you can access your instructor’s feedback.

Accessing Feedback

There are several ways that professors can share written feedback on an assignment in Blackboard. If there is a purple Feedback icon next to the item in the Gradebook, they have used one or more of the following methods to provide you with further information about your work.  

Overall Feedback box

The Feedback box is on the right side of the assignment submission panel. This is where an instructor might share overall thoughts about the submission. They may also indicate that additional feedback can be found using one of the methods below. 

Image showing the Feedback box in a Blackboard Learn Ultra assignment

Recordings in the Overall Feedback box

Your professor may also leave you a video or audio recording about your work. If they create an audio or video recording, the file will appear in the Overall Feedback box. Click on the icon to open the recording in a pop-up window. 

Receiving audio or video feedback

Inline Grading

If your instructor used the inline grading tool, you may see dialogue icons, brush strokes, shapes, or images within the submission display. You can click on the dialogue icons to expand typed comments.

Inline grading


If your instructor uses a rubric to provide feedback, you can see that information by selecting the Rubric icon found directly above Feedback. Click on the heading of a criterion to learn more. If a comment was made specifically about a certain criterion, there will be a purple icon next to it, as seen in Criterion 1 below. Click the Criterion header to  see any description of the criterion provided by your instructor and the score you received.  

Track Changes

Your instructor may download your assignment submission and share comments within or make edits to the original document, and then upload the document with comments in Blackboard. This file can be attached in the overall Feedback box (see above). 

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