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This article addresses various ways to access Panopto with the intent to create or share videos.

Access Panopto

Access Panopto from Books & Tools in Blackboard Ultra:
  1. From within your course, navigate to the Details & Actions list on the left side of the main Course Content page. Select Books & Tools.
  2. From the panel that displays on the right side of the screen, scroll down and click "Ultra Version Panopto Video Library".

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Uploaded Image (Thumbnail)

Access Panopto from Course Content:

  1. If your instructor has included an "Ultra Version Panopto Video Library" link in your course, you can open Panopto this way as well.
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If your next step is creating content with Panopto, please read the KB article on Creating Panopto Content.

If your next step is sharing content that has already been created and uploaded into Panopto, please visit Sharing Panopto Content for more information.

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