Accessing Zoom Outside of Blackboard Learn (How-to)

For Zoom Meetings outside of Blackboard Learn, faculty, staff, and students can access the Drake Zoom site via a custom institutional URL.

Please note if you have not logged into zoom with your Drake credentials already, please go to and sign in with your Drake credentials. This will create your account. This only needs to happen once.

1. Accessing Zoom Online

  1. To log in outside of a Blackboard Learn course, you can go directly to or
  2. You must use your full email address. 
  3. If prompted select the SSO option. This should automatically redirect you to the standard Drake login screen.
  4. Once you're on the standard Drake login page, use your Drake credentials to complete the login process.

2. Accessing from the Zoom application

  1. If you're logging in directly from the Zoom desktop application, choose the Sign In with SSO option. NOTE: Using a previous password will not work even if you've previously had a Zoom account using your Drake email address.
  2. Enter drake-edu in the company domain field.
  3. Click Continue.
  4. By clicking on the continue button, the application will open a browser window with the information you supplied. 
  5. Complete the login process by selecting the SSO option. 
Zoom application login screen


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