Logging into ArcGIS for the First Time (How-To)

When you log into a machine, a license can be applied per user account. If you log into a different machine then you will need to follow the instructions below in order for ArcGIS to work.

1. Launch ArcGIS PRO

1. From the computer’s Programs menu, open ArcGIS Pro.

Selecting ArcGIS Pro from the Programs menu on a Windows computer


2. Configure license type

2. When ArcGIS Pro opens select Configure your licensing options.

Configure your licensing options link


3. Fill in the license info

3. Select Concurrent Use License for License Type.

4. In the License Manager field, put licence-arcgis.drake.edu and press return on the keyboard.

License Manager field entry


When you see the picture below, click OK. The program will then restart and you will be able to use it.​​​​​​​

Successful entry of license screen



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