Adding Panopto Content to Blackboard Courses (How-to)

This documentation will show you how to add content directly into a Blackboard content area using the Panopto Video tool for Blackboard Ultra Courses.

Add Panopto Content to Blackboard Ultra Courses

1. Select the Plus icon within a course section, folder, or module and select Content Market.

2. Select Panopto Video Embed.

3. Browse or search through your available folders to select the video.

4. Choose your embedded player preferences under Video Embed Options. Then, select Insert.

  • Start At (HH:mm:ss): Controls the time in the video where playback will start. 
  • Interactivity: Choose from AllSearch and Rating Only, or None
    • All will allow a viewer to search within the video, rate the video, access the table of contents, make notes, and add discussion posts.
    • Search and Rating Only will allow a viewer to only search through the video and rate it but not access the other interactive features.
    • None removes all of the interactive features. 
  • Autoplay: Select this option to have the video begin playing automatically when the webpage loads. 
  • Enable 'Watch in Panopto': Select this option to display an arrow that allows a viewer to open the video in the full interactive player.
  • Show Title: Select this option to display the title of the video at the top of the player. 
  • Show Logo: Select this option to display your organization's embedded logo in the player. 

5. The video will now be added as a new video in the module.

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