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Drake Online and Continuing Education has partnered with Information Technology Services to find cooperative measures in order to facilitate the continuity of video content from course offerings over different terms.

Folder Access for Drake Online Faculty

Each Course, regardless of term offered, has an assigned Folder for all of the main content videos located on the Panopto Server.  Drake University's instance of Panopto can be found at: or login to and selecting Panopto from the Learning Resources (far right column) area.

These folders are named like DOCE_ABC_123, where ABC would be the Course Subject and 123 is the section.  For instance, INS 280's videos would be housed in the folder DOCE_INS_280. For instances where courses share the same Course Subject and Section, like seminars, additional folders will be created that append the topic to the folder name.  Cross-listed courses have done this as well with both cross-listed courses listed on the folder name.  This will most likely change in the fall as cross-listed courses will be created automatically within Blackboard Ultra.

URLs (links) of videos are static and they will never change.  Videos can be moved from folder to folder and that URL will never change.  This helps the instructional technologists copy course content from term to term.

Students will have access to videos if the videos are placed into the DOCE folder.  The instructional technologists will help change the permissions if needed.  If they reside elsewhere, such as a personal folder or a different course folder, the students may not have access unless the permissions for those videos have been modified to grant the students access.


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