Access and Set Up Panopto | Faculty

If you want to create and distribute multimedia content in your Blackboard Learn Ultra course, this article explains how to access and set up Panopto. These steps must be followed in each course, each term.

Opening Panopto from inside your course will set up the Panopto Video Library for the term. Because Panopto permissions are course-specific, any content created for this course folder will be immediately viewable by all enrolled students in the course.

You can open Panopto from Books & Tools (left menu in your course) or from a Panopto link inside Course Content. If you use the standard course layout, a link to Panopto is in the Getting Started folder. 

Access Panopto

Access Panopto from Books & Tools

  1. From within your course, navigate to the Details & Actions list on the left side of the main Course Content page. Select Books & Tools.
  2. From the panel that displays on the right side of the screen, scroll down and click "Ultra Version Panopto Video Library".

Uploaded Image (Thumbnail) 

Uploaded Image (Thumbnail)


Access Panopto from Course Content

You can create a link to the Panopto Video Library in course content. To learn more, read how to create a Panopto Video Library in Blackboard Learn Ultra.

Student Panopto Access

Students can access your course’s Panopto Video Library using Books & Tools or any visible links in course content. If students will be using the Panopto link, change the availability to ‘visible’. You can add instructions to the description, as seen in the screenshot below.

Example without instructions:

Example with instructions:


Student Video Creation

If students will be submitting video files as part of an assignment or discussion for your course, you need to create an Assignments folder. Learn more about creating an Assignments folder and establishing proper permissions.

Next Steps

If your next step is creating content with Panopto, please read the KB article on Creating Panopto Content.

If your next step is sharing content that has already been created and uploaded into Panopto, please visit Sharing Panopto Content for more information.