Approved Web Parts for your Internal Department Site (FAQ)

Below are the web parts available to use on your internal department site that are supported by ITS, listed in alphabetical order with links to Microsoft documentation on how to use them:

NOTE: Support/training is not offered for web parts not included on this list. Some features shown in training resources may not be available in Drake's environment.


The Button web part adds a button to your page with your own label and link.

Call to Action

The Call to Action web part creates a button with a call to action for users.

Countdown Timer

The Countdown timer web part displays a count down (or count up) to an event.


The Divider web part inserts a line between other web parts to help break up your page and make it easier to read.

Document Library

The Document Library web part displays a document library and lets you customize it. Users with appropriate permissions can view or edit files directly from the web part, or can go to the full document library by clicking See all.

File Viewer

The File viewer web part insert a files on your page. File types you can insert include Excel, Word, PowerPoint, PDFs, videos, and more.


The Hero web part is a great way to bring focus and visual interest to your page. You can display up to five items in the Hero web part and use compelling images, text, and links to draw attention to each.

Highlighted Content

The Highlighted content web part dynamically displays content based on content type, filtering, or a search string.


The Image web part on a page inserts an image on the page, either from your site, your OneDrive, or your hard drive.

Image Gallery

The Image Gallery web part shares collections of pictures on a page.


The Link web part adds a link to an internal or external page, video, image, or document.


The List web part displays a list that you can customize with your own title, view, and size.

Microsoft Forms

The Microsoft Forms web part can create surveys, quizzes, and polls on a page. You can also collect responses to your forms and show results.


The News web part engages visitors to your site with important or interesting stories.


The People web part displays a selected group of people and their contact information on your page.

Quick Chart

The Quick Chart web part adds simple column or pie chart to your page.

Quick Links

The Quick Links web part pins links to your page for easy access.

Recent Documents

The Recent documents web part displays documents that have been recently added or edited.


The Spacer web part allows you to control vertical space on your page.


The Stream web part displays a video right on your page from your organization's Microsoft Stream video portal.


The Text web part adds paragraphs and tables to your page. Formatting options like styles, bullets, indentations, highlighting, and links are available.


The Twitter web part shows your tweets on your page.


Feature a video on your page.

World Clock

The World clock web part shows the time in different locations around the world.


The YouTube web part easily embeds YouTube videos right on your page.


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