Filling out Timesheets for Student Employees (How-to)

Timesheets for student employees are due to supervisors by the 2nd business day of the month, at 12:00 p.m. See below for instructions on how to complete and submit your student employment timesheet. For information on setting up Direct Deposit, see Setting up Direct Deposit in Self Service (How-to).

1. myDrake Student Employment section

  1. From myDrake, in the Student Employment section, click on the Employee Dashboard link. For instructions on accessing myDrake, see Using myDrake for Students (How-to). NOTE: Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA) is required to view or change information. For assistance, see the MFA guides in the IT service portal.

2. Self Service Employee Dashboard

  1. Once you're on the Employee Dashboard screen, click the blue Enter Time button in the My Activities section.

Enter Time button on the Employee Dashboard

3. Timesheet Entry

  1. Click the Start Timesheet button.
  2. On the next screen, select the Day on the calendar where you need to enter time..
  3. Click on the Clock Icon to enter your Start Time and End Time for each shift/job. NOTE: Be sure to adjust AM/PM indicator. If you want to type in your time rather than using the clock icon to select, you'll need to enter it in the following format: 08:00 AM (you MUST include the colon, the space between the minutes and the AM or PM indicator, and both letters of either am or pm).
  4. Click Set to lock in your time for each shift/job portion.
  5. Select Add More Time to add additional shifts/jobs each day.
  6. Once you've finished entering time for each shift/job, be sure to click Save.

Start Timesheet screen

 Enter Time screen

Add More Time and Save Screen

4. Preview and Submit

  1. Once you've entered all your work times for your shifts/jobs, click Preview (Click to Submit) to see a preview of your timesheet so you can review it. NOTE: You must preview your timesheet in order to get to the Submit button on the following screen.
  2. Once you've verified your timesheet is accurate on the preview screen, click the blue Submit button. The timesheet will then be routed to your manager for approval.

NOTE: If you encounter issues with completing or submitting your timesheet, please reach out to

Preview (Click to Submit) button highlight

Preview Screen


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