Using AirPlay to Connect to WirelessDisplay on Mac OS Catalina or Later (How To)

Want to share your Macintosh screen to the WirelessDisplay unit? Here's how. View the video or follow the instructions below.

1. Open the Control Center options

In the upper right hand portion of your Macintosh you will see a number of menu icons. When you are within range of an AirPlay compatible display the AirPlay icon will be visible. It looks like a television display with a solid triangle at the bottom.

  1. Click the Control Center icon to see the list of available options. 
  2. Then select the Screen Mirroring option
  3. Be sure that you are connected to the eduroam wireless network. You will not see the devices listed if you are connected to the guest network.

image of airplay icon in menu

2. Select the display location

  1. Select the display location. The name for the displays will have the building and room number as in identifier. Additionally, if the Sharelink wireless display is visible in the room, its name will appear in the lower left hand corner of the screen.  

image of available airplay devices

3. Enter AirPlay code

  1. Once you have selected the display, you will be prompted to enter the current code displayed on the Sharelink screen. This code can be found in the lower portion on the classroom display. NOTE: Don't select the "Remember Password" option as this password changes each time.

image of AirPlay password entry screen

4. Successful Connection

  1. If you have successfully connected. Your computer screen will now be visible on the classroom display.
  2. When you want to stop sharing your computer screen, select the Screen Sharing option under the Control Center, click the name of the display you are currently connected to. This will stop the connection.  


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