Using My Finance Query (How-to)

My Finance Query is a function within Finance Self Service that can be used to create a query to retrieve Finance budget data (similar to FGIBDSR or FGIBDST), view related transactions (similar to FGITRND), or related documents through Web Extender. Additionally, users can create and share queries, perform comparison queries, or download query results to Excel, and more.

Ellucian Links

All of the resources linked below require being logged into an Ellucian account. See Register for an Ellucian Customer Center account for guidance on creating an Ellucian account.

My Finance Query page
The three tabs within the My Finance Query home page allow users to switch between their Favorite Queries, Saved Queries, or Shared Queries. Users can also sort and filter queries.

My Finance Query tasks
The My Finance Query tasks section contains the tasks you can perform using My Finance Query. You can navigate to all of the below documentation from the My Finance Query home page linked above, or go directly to a section by using the link below.

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