Creating Shortcuts on Windows Computers (How-To)

Use the following steps to create or restore shortcuts on Windows computers.

Creating Shortcuts

1. Pinning Items from the Desktop

  1. Right click any shortcut icon on your desktop.

  2. Select Pin to Start.

2. Pinning Items from File Explorer

  1. Right click any application or file folder from your File Explorer.

  2. Select Pin to Start.

3. Pinning Files from File Explorer

  1. Right click the desired file.

  2. Select Pin to Start.

  3. Right click the shortcut icon of the file on your desktop.

  4. Select Create Shortcut.

4. Pinning Websites

  1. Select the three-dot menu in your browser.

  1. Select More Tools.

  1. Depending on your preferred browser, select Create Shortcut, Pin to Start, or Pin to Taskbar.

NOTE: Once you have restored your shortcuts, they can be customized in your Start Menu or taskbar by dragging to reorder or right-clicking to rename. 


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