Panopto Technical Requirements

Technical Requirements

You need a laptop or mobile device with video and audio recording capability. Most of you will be able to use the "Panopto Capture - Record in Browser" option. The recommended browsers are Chromium-based or FirefoxBrowsers such as Safari and Edge are not recommended. They will not work properly with the Record in Browser option.

Panopto Application (computer & mobile)

Panopto does have an application that can be installed locally on a mobile device or computer.

  • You will need adequate storage in order to house the initial recordings till they are uploaded to the Panopto server.
  • In some instances, you will need administrator access to your device and adequate storage capabilities.
  • Please refer to the ITS Knowledge Base article How-To on this subject.

Please reference the following articles for device specific information:

How to Download and Install Panopto for Windows

How to Download and Install Panopto for Mac

How to Use the Panopto Mobile App

Panopto Demo

The following video shows an example of how to record a Panopto video through your browser and access the hyperlink for your video that can be pasted into a discussion board or assignment.