Setting Up Drake Email on a Mobile Device (How-To)

In this article, you will find step by step instructions for adding your Drake email to your mobile device using the Microsoft Outlook application. Microsoft Outlook is ITS' recommended application for accessing your Drake email from a mobile device.

1. Install the Microsoft Outlook App

  1. Go to your phone's App Store and search for Microsoft Outlook. Download links are also available at
  2. Install Microsoft Outlook.

2. Add your Drake Email account

NOTE: The screenshots on this article were taken on an iPhone, but the steps are similar on an Android phone.

  1. Open the downloaded Microsoft Outlook app on your phone.

Outlook App Logo

  1. Select Add Account.

Add Account on Email

  1. In the Email Address text box, type in your Drake email address, and then select Add Account. NOTE: On Android, the Add Account button may show up as a check box icon.

Typing in email address on Outlook

  1. If prompted, open the Authenticator app to approve the sign-in. If you are using a different method of multi-factor authentication, such as text messages, you will be prompted to type in the code received here.

Approving Multi-Factor Authentication prompt

  1. At the Add Another Account screen, select Maybe Later.

Skipping adding another Email Account by selecting Maybe Later

  1. If prompted to enable notifications, select Yes if you wish to receive notifications for new emails or calendar events.
  2. Your email account is now set up and is now ready to use.


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