Students—Making Mobile Deposits to your Bulldog Bucks Account (How-to)

PLEASE NOTE: In order to make a deposit through the Blackboard Transact (eAccounts) Mobile App you must use the eAccounts web site to make an initial deposit. During the initial deposit, you will need to store your payment method for future use.

1. Download the eAccounts Mobile App from the App Store

App Store Listing for eAccounts Mobile


2. Find Drake University

  1. Once you open the app, search for Drake University.

Find Drake University Screen

3. Select Drake Login

Drake Login selection

4. Sign In

  1. Sign in with your Username (Drake ID) and Password.

Sign In Screen

5. Adding Funds

  1. Click on your Bulldog Bucks balance to view account activity.
  2. Click Add Money if you would like to add funds to your account.

Deposit Button Image



6. Enter Amount

  1. Enter amount you would like to deposit.
  2. Click Next.

Amount Entry Screen

7. Make Deposit

  1. Verify amount of deposit, and the saved payment method you are using for payment.
  2. Click Submit Deposit to complete your transaction.

Make Deposit Screen

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