Viewing Recent Transactions (How-to)

The Drake eAccounts system allows you to view a list of transactions and filter them based on criteria that you specify. This tool is useful to view specific types of transactions or a list of transactions that have been made since the last statement.

The system allows you to filter the list of transactions based on:

  • Transaction Type
  • Account (Bulldog Bucks, Flex Dollars, Printing)
  • Transaction Date and Time
  • Amount
  • Location  

1. Log In

  1.  Go to the eAccounts portal by clicking the "Bulldog Bucks" icon in myDrake, or by using the direct link (
  2. Click "Sign In".

2. Fill in Transaction Information

  1. Select Account Transactions to go to transaction page.

Account Transactions Screen

3. Account

  1. Use the Account drop down list to choose the account that you want to view.

Selecting Account Screen

4. Enter Dates

  1. In the Transaction Period fields, enter the start and end dates to narrow down the transactions that are displayed.
  2. Click Search.

Transaction Report Screen

5. View Account Transaction Report

Transaction Report Screen

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