Submitting Grades from Blackboard to Banner: Using Grades Journey (How-to)

UPDATE for Ultra Courses: If you are submitting both Letter Grades as well as Credit/No Credit grades, you will need to go through a portion of this process twice and reconfigure the letter schema in between submissions - once for submitting letter grades and once for submitting CR/NC grades. See the additional instructions throughout the page on how to complete the second grade submission.

The grades submission tool is called Grades Journey. Grades Journey allows you to send your midterm or final grades to Banner/MyDUSIS easily, even with merged courses.

You can only send grades from Blackboard when the Registrar's office makes grade entry available. Faculty will receive an email from the Office of the Registrar confirming availability.

Scores submitted via Grades Journey will be available for review on Banner/MyDUSIS and updating by faculty until 8 p.m. when they cycle through a process to be released to students. 

1. Preparing Gradebook Overall Grade for Export

Before you can send grades to Banner, you must use the Overall Grade and the Grading Schema view of Letter +/-. Banner can only receive letter grades and not percentages. 

  1. In Blackboard, go into your Gradebook and review the Overall Grade setup and Grading Schema to ensure it matches with what should be submitted to Banner.
    • When submitting letter grades, be sure the Grading Schema matches your syllabus grading scale for letter grades.
    • If you are using Credit/No Credit scores, you will need to change the Letter Schema requirements for Credit/No Credit. Change the first and last letter schema options to match your CR/NC expectations. Typical setup is CR = 60-100 and NC = 0-60.
    • If you are submitting a combination of letter grades and credit/no credit scores, you will have to complete the following steps twice. Once for the column letter grade display for the Overall Grade, then change the Grading Schema to match CR/NC, and then submit scores again for when the Overall Grade is associated with Credit/NoCredit scores. 

2. Sending Grades to Banner

  1. Under the Content under Details & Actions, select the option under Books & Tools to View course & institution tools.

Details and Actions Menu; choose item under Books and Tools called View course and institution tools

  1. In the new panel that opens, choose Grade Approval and Transfer

Books and Tools panel; Choose Grade Approval and Transfer

  1. Mark the check box beside the Course ID for this course. Select Extract Grades

Select the checkbox next to the course and select Extract Grades at the bottom of the page

  1. The system will confirm you want to extract grades. Choose OK

  1. Once the process is complete, you will see a green success banner.
  2. The Approval Status will have changed to Extracted.

NOTE: If you are submitting a combination of letter grades and credit/no credit scores, you will need to adjust the Grading Schema to reflect the credit/no credit grading schema. Change the first and last letter schema options to match your CR/NC expectations. Typical setup is CR = 60-100 and NC = 0-60. Then, repeat the above steps for Sending Grades to Banner. 

3. Checking for Successful Grade Submission

  • In Blackboard, you can visit Grade Approval and Transfer to see whether or not the transfer to Blackboard was successful and the date it was submitted.
  • In MyDUSIS, check to see that the grades are displayed.
    • Log into myDrake.
    • Click the icon labeled MyDUSIS.
    • On the screen that opens, scroll down and click the Faculty & Advisors tab.
    • Choose the appropriate link: Either Click the Midterm Grades – Submittal Link – OR – Final Grades – Submittal Link.
    • Select the correct term from the drop down menu – Example: Summer 2022.
    • The course(s) you are teaching should be listed – select the appropriate course.
    • You should now be able to view the grades that you extracted from Blackboard.
    • If they are not there, try to submit them again or contact ITS for further assistance.

4. Troubleshooting

If your grade submissions were not successful the first time, try the Extract Grades step again. 

If your second attempt is unsuccessful, please submit a Blackboard Learn Ultra Issue through the IT Service Portal. ITS and the Registrar's Office will then look into the issue and assist you in getting your grades submitted successfully.